"If you can't do Mind Reading after you read this book, 
get out of Mentalism!"
Kenton Knepper

Your book is fabulous!  Your in depth discussions of the "Outer" and "Inner" is missing from other mentalism books and will certainly improve the performance of your readers.  
 The inclusion of video links to further explain the concepts is also a very good idea; you are a good looking guy with a great personality.  That makes your videos much more fun to watch than many others I have seen. 
 I also enjoyed seeing that you gave a lot of credits to other performers (including me, thank you).  That is another thing that I think other books avoid doing, so congratulations on including the credits!  

You included enough material to give your readers a lifetime of study!  
I think your book will become one of the best guides to mentalism; ranking up there with the books of Kenton, Osterlind, Corinda, Cassidy, and Annemann!  

Thank you for writing this book.
Millard Longman

Your book is quite beautiful and inspiring. 
So much to consider. 
I do like the model of inner and outer artifacts...and of course there is something “in between”...the authentic magical (in the truest sense of the word) experience. 
If you create a shared magical experience then, in that moment, you truly connect and elevate.  
Thanks for your gift
Allen Zingg

Yes, you can read minds, and I will show you how!

Welcome to "Telepathic Artifacts", a new exploration in ideas to offer exciting and realistic moments of telepathy for your audiences.

In this new work you will find several techniques, ideas and routines all based in the simple and fascinating world of "Telepathy".

More than 300 pages. More than 20 telepathic experiences. Transformative reflections, thoughts, theory and ideas in the creation of a REAL telepathic experiences

The KEY secret of offering a telepathic experience
The concept of Inner and Outer Artifact
Mechanical techniques  with billets, post its, ordinary pieces of paper, playing cards and business cards 
The neo-classic Millard Longman-Acidus Novus (Thanks Millard!) and extra ideas with it.
My Pendulum Q&A (this routine is worth the price of the book), which will offer you powerful new moments in your act
Routines for close-up, parlor stage, casual and professional Mentalism
and more!

Table of Content


Essay: How to Read Minds for REAL  

 Chapter I: Inner Artifacts  
Minimal Center Tear  
Minimal Bottom Tear  
Business Cards Peeks 
 Homage to Reese  
Homage to Dunninger  
Homage to Canasta  
Magenta Tear   
Millard Longman-Acidus Novus  
Pandora Envelope
  Handy Blindfold   

 Essay:  Beyond the Hands  
 Essay: Camouflage   

Chapter II: Telepathic Experiences 
 Minimal Duplication  
Business Book Test  
EZ Test Conditions
Casual Drawing Duplication  
 Minimal Psychic 
 Daily Inspiration  
Zodiac Rhine  
Tribute to Argamasilla  
 Pendulum Q&A  
 Weekly Telepathy 
Coltrane  Mindreading  
Yoga Book Test  
 Minimal Q&A 
Instapsychic 2.0  
Emotional Dimension 
 Telepathic Milestone 

  Essay: What is you claim?  

 Chapter III: Outer Artifacts 
 REAL Mindreading  
Silent Mindreading  
Non Expectation 
 Associative Mindreading 
 Ethical Psychic  
Delayed Mindreading 

  Essay: The KEY of Telepathy   


Pablo Amira has done it again! In Telepathic Artifacts, he inspires you to embrace the role of the mind reader with humility and empathy. He shows you how to focus more on amplifying the emotional connection between performer and participant (affect) without sacrificing the strength of the performance piece (effect). If you want to learn practical ways to engage your participants with your presence and build memorable moments of mystery through your work, this book is for you!
Lance Sinclair

I have rated "Telepathic Artifacts" as one of my top purchases in Mentalism!
Omar Farhad

• • •